Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Way to Mexico

Dante in Mexico, by Andy Hoffmann, 2001, an Elik Press Single with Special thanks to the Utah Arts Council.

`In Hoffmann's chapter titled, "Frida, My Love," he writes: 
It's easy to enter Mexico by way of Frida Kahlo-her image is everywhere.  A symbol of revolution and the deep seated split of the female body...

But there are other ways to get to Mexico.  Some, as Hoffmann, decided to follow the path of the Dharma Bums and beat poets.  Some for the revolution and the beautiful language.  Some came to Mexico through Our Lady of Guadelupe, whose statues are present everywhere in North America.
Images of Frida Khalo are everywhere in Mexico.
Frida Khalo seems to be peeking at tourists as they wander around the cobblestone streets of the old cities in Mexico.
Guadelupe is present in secluded and untended gardens.
Guadelupe can be hiding behind foliage on private patios.
In Mexico, both Guadelupe with her sacred heart, and Frida Kahlo, with her exposed heart, can be found side by side.

I came to Mexico on a self-guided crone pilgrimage and I find that I continue to run into these two images wherever I go.  Neither Frida nor Guadelupe brought me here.  But I found my way to Mexico in my quest to find counsel with the divine feminine.

How did you get to Mexico?  What unusual route brought you here?  Did you find anything interesting?