Friday, May 23, 2014

Rain in May

I took a moment to run out to the garden to enjoy
the wet earth and catch a glimpse of these rains before the event of evaporation.

In 2009, I purchased a bag of intertwined and strangled iris roots for three-dollars.
With only the intention of someday having a garden,
I separated and tossed the tubers into a patch of dry earth.
These are some of the irises that have grown from that mangled ball of
tangled root.

Quan Yin nestled deep in the thick patch of irises.


It is rare that there are rainstorms during the month of May in New Mexico.  Instead of rain, this is marked as fire season.  But last night, sometime after midnight, a thunderstorm rolled across the Santa Fe landscape.  It brought long, primal growls of thunder and a generous amount of earth-saturating rain.

I am pleased and excited to show these photos of a little iris bed that is planted along a coyote fence.  The earth is sandy, parched and damaged.  About five years ago, I tossed some irises into the ground.  They were given very little water, a minimal amount of attention and a small appreciation for their vigor.  Here today, they are growing and a vital part of my otherwise well-maintained garden.  I like to show people that anything can grow anywhere. 

I love the anticipation of gardening in New Mexico.