Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roasted Hatch Chilies

It is a South West sign of the season. IT comes complete with aroma.

I hope Uma and J were able to shop at Santa Fe Farmers' Market on their trip to Santa Fe today.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Mexico

Every time I head back to Santa Fe, I hear this song playing in my mind. I prefer Jennifer Warens' version, even though Ian Tyson wrote the song.


Tonight I will be sleeping in my bed, next to Michael. I have been promised a foot rub.

Photo of Sangre de Cristo's. 2008.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Open Doors

It was hot here yesterday. I am opening the doors to let the cool morning air give the household a little hug.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doors in New Mexico

In addition to the narrow winding streets in Santa Fe and Taos, I have an appreciation of the doorways of the adobe homes in these old cities. Here are a few that I want to share. These have not been Photoshopped or edited.

There is a strong presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe on buildings and in artwork. Some homes have small mosaic images or a fresco of the beautiful mother. Since I have a strong goddess practice, I find that she looks more like Ma Kali, who stands on Shiva or the ego.

Coming from Wisconsin, I find gates and fences made of branches to be a unique architectural feature. These structures are coyote fences. For anyone who has ever heard the singing, howling and calling of a pack of coyote during the night, the concept of a strong and secure coyote fence can give a sense of security.

Thank You to Wild Magnolia who created a nice little blogger party for me here in the internet ethers and on her blog site. I am happy to meet Teri and Terra, both bloggers from California who came to my little blog site through Wild Magnolia. Thank you Ashling, for also attending the little etheric gathering via Wild Magnolia. I appreciate meeting with other women and will continue to come to Wild Magnolia, My Grandma's Soul (Jo) and Karen L's blogs.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Santa Fe, NM

On our return to Santa Fe, we were treated to nearly daily rain showers with some thunderstorms. Some of the thunderstorms had an element of high drama. It is obvious that the season is shifting from late summer to autumn in NM. It is beautiful with clear skies behind adobe and brilliant flowers in the end of season gardens.

On a Friday afternoon, I decided to go on a walking tour of the famous Canyon Road and then to the Plaza. On my walking tour, I wore a camera and felt like a tourist in the city that I've been calling home. Since it was a Friday afternoon, the town was quickly filling with tourists and I blended into the flow of gallery lookers.

Santa Fe has so many great galleries. In addition to paintings and statues, there is an abundance of jewelry, textiles and sculpture. A walking tourist can see some amazing art and arrangements without stepping foot into a gallery. Anyone with a camera can create their own art from the scenery on their tour.

The late afternoon gave me a chance to appreciate the blue washed paint on adobe structures. Some places retained their old look, while others were fresh with paint and looking quite new.

While on my walk, I saw a familiar feature that can be found on West Alameda Street, not too far from the Plaza. It is this giant Ganesha. The figure feels like an old friend, out on the street. He almost seems to be waving as people walk and drive by. I hope to interest a certain blogger to come to Santa Fe to have a meeting with this street corner Ganesha. And of course, I anticipate meeting with that blogger, too.