Sunday, September 18, 2011

Santa Fe, NM

On our return to Santa Fe, we were treated to nearly daily rain showers with some thunderstorms. Some of the thunderstorms had an element of high drama. It is obvious that the season is shifting from late summer to autumn in NM. It is beautiful with clear skies behind adobe and brilliant flowers in the end of season gardens.

On a Friday afternoon, I decided to go on a walking tour of the famous Canyon Road and then to the Plaza. On my walking tour, I wore a camera and felt like a tourist in the city that I've been calling home. Since it was a Friday afternoon, the town was quickly filling with tourists and I blended into the flow of gallery lookers.

Santa Fe has so many great galleries. In addition to paintings and statues, there is an abundance of jewelry, textiles and sculpture. A walking tourist can see some amazing art and arrangements without stepping foot into a gallery. Anyone with a camera can create their own art from the scenery on their tour.

The late afternoon gave me a chance to appreciate the blue washed paint on adobe structures. Some places retained their old look, while others were fresh with paint and looking quite new.

While on my walk, I saw a familiar feature that can be found on West Alameda Street, not too far from the Plaza. It is this giant Ganesha. The figure feels like an old friend, out on the street. He almost seems to be waving as people walk and drive by. I hope to interest a certain blogger to come to Santa Fe to have a meeting with this street corner Ganesha. And of course, I anticipate meeting with that blogger, too.


  1. Lovely walk, foxgloves, blue door and Ganesh, I could not wish for more.


  2. Ohhh!!!! How utterly appropriate, I will most definitely be meeting you and Ganesh there soon. In the midst of packing and feeling overwhelmed this gives me a rush of excitement and determination, thank you.

  3. Good morning.....thank you so much for stopping by with such lovely comments. I have been to Santa Fe many....many....time but have not see Ganesh on his corner.....I think I'm too busy eating and shopping. LOL LOL



  4. Its me again....BTW.....tried to e-mail you relative to your questions and could not get through. I'm sorry....but perhaps you would not mind if I answered a few here. First off...I like your new appears you have changed your background...very fresh. I know there is also a way you can change your header pic when you want....I just don't know how to do it. As for type ease of reading ....I always post in the largest type size my computer will I get older...I have a little trouble reading the small type on some computers. Second....writing style....I am not a wordy person....I try to get my post out with as few words as possible. There are a million blogs out there and if your post is simply does not have time to read them. As far as content goes....I post on everything that blows up my skirt. LOL LOL The poetry comes from those times when I am in that special "present spot" and it just seems to come naturally. Last ...... blog about what you love...its your blog.....just do it with passion.

    Hope this helps....I know this should have been sent in an e-mail but I simply could not get through.


  5. Hi Jo:

    You suggest valuable information and I appreciate reading it in a public forum.

    Your blog is a perfect example of being entertaining and inspiring creativity. The fact that you have a large amount of people who make comments is a testimony to the ease and comfort of viewing your entries.

    Thank you for your continuous postings on your blog site.


  6. I'm so happy that you might be meeting up with Uma. I was going to suggest it to her but then I read further and figured out that you had indeed contacted her. I hope to make it there so that I can meet her too while she is out west but if not, I know we will meet someday, somewhere. It just is meant to be. Wonderful Ganesh!!

  7. I visited Santa Fe @ 10 years ago and fell in love. I went in October and it was absolutely beautiful...I even woke up to fresh snow one morning.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.

    I hope you and Uma will post a photo of you both with Ganesha!

  8. Wild Magnolia mentioned you so I came over here to say hi. I like the Ganesh statue and the blue doors.