Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Day in Bozeman

It is Wednesday morning; we are still in Bozeman, MT. Michael has not been in much of a rush to leave, once again demonstrating that we live on Michael's timing. Sometimes, this can be extremely stressful for me, especially since I spent all of Sunday preparing food for our auto trip, finalizing the laundry, cleaning the apartment and packing things for the car.

But I should not use this forum to complain and instead, remember here, all of the benefits of spending two extra days in Bozeman. In a way, I could relax, because on Tuesday evening we went to Bozeman Hot Springs, where Michael gave me another long, meditative Watsu. When he is treating me to this soothing water dance, I can feel his body de-stress. The very act of giving a Watsu treatment to another gives Michael a focused calm and caring attitude. It is nice to see him so relaxed.

We also had a chance to go out to eat with another couple, who came down from Edmonton, Alberta. This is the first socializing that I did since I arrived in Bozeman. It was a treat to not prepare a meal, and to sit under the Montana sky at an outdoor cafe. I had a delicious French Onion Soup which gave me a severe tummy ache. I had to return home asap. Fortunately for Artemisia Herbs, I was able to take the Digestive Aid formula, which promptly resolved my issues. I slept well last night and am ready to pack the car and get ready to head out to Red Lodge, Montana.

Also, by staying in Bozeman for two extra days, I was able to witness a harsh rain storm move through the area, dumping marble-sized hail everywhere. Prior to the rainstorm, the air was hot and difficult. As soon as the storm passed, I felt the immediate refrigeration of the air and the contrast of a summer afternoon turned into clear evidence that fall has arrived.

During the afternoon, I also made the decision to register for Ipsalu Level-4 program to be held in Joshua Tree, California. That comes in October. I have a forty-day Kali mantra practice to do leading up to the workshop.

With the stress involved with not heading out on Monday, I again visited the Hill Botanicals, and herbalist/herb shop in downtown Bozeman. I took a few photos with the camera, not my iPhone. I also bought more herbs and was able to have a brief follow-up visit with the herbalist. In the near future, I hope to post photos and tell about my excellent consultation with the herbalist at Hill Botanicals.

Today, I believe is a travel day. We have an overnight planned in Red Lodge, Montana. We are also planning to stop at Valley View Hots Springs in Colorado. It is at the Northern edge of the Sandia Mountains. After a night at Valley View, we should be home in Santa Fe.


  1. It is so interesting to hear of others travels and take a peek via photos.

    Thank you.

  2. The Spring Azaleas I posted are from this past spring. The photo was taken by me, in Tampa, Florida, at Lazyday's RV. It is where we bought our RV. We stayed there two nights and three days. They teach you how to operate your RV. It is a most beautiful spot.

    Thank you for asking.

    One day I hope to make it to Montana, at least one time. But I too, travel on another person's time schedule and wishes.

  3. The program you're about to do sounds so intense.

    I'd love to hear about your herbal consultation. I am finally taking the formula my Teacher prescribed for me on retreat (I have all but one ingredient which I hope to get tomorrow) and as I'll be on it for the next 6 months it should be interesting to see the effects. There are a lot of very nutritive, adaptogenic herbs in it as well as some drops and medicinal honey meant to work on the emotional stuff...

  4. Found you through Wild Magnolia.....You are in Montana, too. We are on Flathead is so nice to meet another seeker and traveler.