Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Under the Montana Sky

I left my Stevens Point hermitage to meet Michael at his hermitage in Bozeman. Compared to our household in Santa Fe, we each have a place to get away where it is quiet and we do not have a non-stop revolving door of friends coming into our living space. Neither hermitage has a television or endless series of ways to connect to the internet. At the hermitage, we don't listen to radio and we take turns connecting to the internet. This gives Michael much needed time to work on his projects and it gives me time for chanting and reading. It gives both of us time to have long discussions, eat every meal together and cuddle together at bedtime. Here, we savor our intimate quiet time.

Our days here have been simple. The Bozeman Food Coop is within walking distance. We are close to the university and are an easy walking distance to downtown dining and shopping. Although we went out to eat once, I'm enjoying the intimacy of simple meals at the small cafe table in our kitchen. It is quiet here, except for the occasional whooping of a returning college student.

On Monday, we went to Bozeman Hot Springs. I spent time soaking in the sulfur waters which seemed to make my skin respond favorably. Michael also found a quiet place in the perfect temperature swimming pool to give me a tender and nurturing Watsu. The hot springs are indoors. It is a place where I can be in the waters but not be exposed to the threatening sunlight.

I titled this post, "Under the Montana Sky," but for the most sunny part of the day, I stay inside. To avoid the sun, I do not venture out except to hang the sheets or take them off the line. By staying out of the sunlight, even indirect sun, the redness of the rash around my mouth is finally experiencing some relief.

Here in Montana, I do not have any projects started. My days are simple. There is no canning of vegetables or mashing fruits for jams or jellies, or gathering flowers for tea. There are no expectations to attend to a social or be available for friends. We've been gone so long that our Santa Fe friends don't even contact us anymore. With that, it is extremely peaceful under these Montana Skies.


  1. I loved this post. A shift in place and time, a drawing back, and looking within. Healing, all kinds of healing.

    We are leaving the TV off most of the time, that in itself calls my muse forth.

    So glad some progress is working for your health issues.

    Rest and peace and love. You seem to have found all three.

    Blessings and thank you, for sharing.

  2. It is sometime very therapeutic to get away from it all! Glad that you were able to do it. But I am not sure I would be able to- atleast not at this stage in my life!

  3. Sometimes a Sabbatical away from it all can be very restorative and get you back to center. It sounds like your Montana Sky experience fulfilled a Peaceful and restful time for you both.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian