Friday, July 29, 2011

The Call of the Elementals

In a blog that I follow,, the writer recently asked the question, "Do you use any herbal remedies or home cures?" At first, I was reluctant to answer that I do use herbal remedies because I have a sense that buying herbal formulas and tinctures from local herbalists has a connotation of dealing with witchcraft. Fortunately, I have met some inspired herbalists who helped me be comfortable with using herbs. I can promise from my experience that they are not the villains or evil entities portrayed in movies or religious propaganda.

In the early 70's, one of the first herbalists that I met, helped me to make a soothing herbal tea blend. Using the famous book, Back To Eden, she showed me how to make custom blends of tea. Once that door was open to the knowledge that people could create their own remedies, I started noticing that many of my friends were creating their own tinctures, teas and salves from their garden herbs, flowers and roots. Friends who changed their names or named their children after the common or Latin names of botanicals both intrigued me and sometimes frightened me. I knew that many of my friends had an affinity and Divine calling to work with plants. But I also knew that our culture, religions and government battled against the use of home remedies and those who worked with the sprites, elementals and fairies.

I am not an herbalist, but I come to herbal remedies and formulas with respect. About ten years ago, while having severe peri-menopausal disruptions, I talked to my allopathic doctor about what to do. First, he warned against the hysterectomy that the OB-GYN suggested. He warned against the hormones that were manufactured without regard to the human body. He warned against pharmaceuticals. Instead, he suggested to find my way and talk with other women. When I returned home, I called the woman who I know to have the biggest front yard herb and flower garden. She pointed me to Susan S. Weed. From there, I worked my way into the life of being peri-menopausal. The male allopathic came along on this journey of watching me take charge of my body.

Once that door was open to me actively finding my way, Naturopaths appeared. I was flooded with choices and opportunities. I was also gifted with confidence in "being allowed" to find my way.

I am currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It seems that every style of herbalist and healer spends time in Santa Fe. The local farmers' market can have as many as six herbalists on a Saturday morning, selling their herbs, lotions and tinctures. I am attracted to Artemisia Organics and her line of herbal formulas, lavender skin care blends, various rich oils, Osha root syrup and lavender honey.

The closer I move in the world of the natural, the more I feel entrained with the plants and the elementals. There are times I am called to play in the berry patches and times I am called to rest my head against the earth to listen to a root. Since this is the New Moon, I am called to create something new.

Sometimes, I am called to have a beer.

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  1. I once visited Santa Fe. The light and the air are magical. There is ancient wisdom there, I'm sure.

    I like what you have written about your journey to better health.

    You've inspired me to do a better job of it myself. I think trusting our own intuition is an important thing to remember.

    Thank you.