Sunday, April 15, 2012

Snow in the Garden

While the middle of the United States is being hit with severe rain storms and tornadoes, I woke up to a light dusting of snow.

Thank you for sending cloudy weather my way. It looks like a great day to be in the garden.

Southwest gardening is a challenge to this Wisconsin woman.


  1. Snow is something that I have never ever experienced in my life!! I would love to feel it- especially now as the part of India where I live is reeling under temperatures close to 40 deg celsius!

    1. @ Meera: Snow! It is always beautiful, cold and wet. Something happens during an unexpected snowfall, especially during the night. The earth goes silent, except for the gentle sound of flakes as they collide with each other and land on the ground, the roofs, the branches of trees and anything else that will catch the frozen morsels of beauty. If it is your desire, you will meet with snow. Thank you for visiting my little post.