Friday, December 28, 2012

Santa Fe During the Christmas Week

As a part of my Santa Fe tradition, I took a day to wander around the Plaza and some of the art galleries of Santa Fe.  Prior to 2008, I was a tourist, driving up to New Mexico from Palm Springs, California.  I came to enjoy the hot mineral waters in the Taos area and to visit the art galleries of Santa Fe.  My trip north from California was my way of finding winter-like weather.

These days, I live in Santa Fe, NM with my partner Michael.  Although he is not fond of being a tourist in the city in which he resides, I find comfort in walking the streets and browsing the galleries as I did in the past.  There is comfort in honoring my own winter tradition. 

During the week between Christmas and the end of the year, I took a day to myself to turn inward, yet be in the world.

Doors at the Loretta Chapel on Old Santa Fe Trail near Plaza.

Time for a a pomegranate truffle and a Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican Mayan Aztec elixir at the Kakawa Chocolate House.

Rosaries on tree branches outside the Loretta Chapel.

The Governor's Palace at the Plaza in Santa Fe.  This is where tourists come to purchase silver and turquoise Native arts.
One of my favorite traditions is having a hot bowl of green chili stew and a local tap beer.
My lunch stop was at Blue Corn Cafe, in the Mercado on Water Street.

Farolitos illuminate the dark and is a tradition to the Santa Fe area.


  1. oh I like that you can still be a tourist, that you haven't lost those eyes
    those eyes of wonder and discovery
    a longing to feel the sense of the place
    Good for you....that a name
    Sounds like it could really do some magic
    I LOVE the rosaries on the branches....
    a Christian version of prayer flags...go Taos
    anything that lights up the dark is fine with me
    ....I'll pray for Michael's eyes

    1. Suz; Thank you for visiting. I never thought of the rosaries as being the Christian or Catholic version of prayer flags.

      The chocolate elixirs are truly magical. I had the Marie Antoinette.

      Michael refuses to be a tourist, except when on a hiking trail or in the back country.

  2. Ahhh, back in beautiful Santa Fe! That means there is still a good chance of us meeting up by the downtown Ganesh statue in the future, as he is still tugging me towards school and kicking obstacles out of the way as we proceed...

    I love the new blog background and your photos of your day spent wandering.

    1. Uma; Thank you for taking the time to visit.
      Please return to the Southwest. Ganesh awaits.

  3. Michael sounds a bit like J, who prefers the company of nature to society. I need a bit of both to balance myself. I am working so hard on so many fronts to make a return to Albuquerque possible, and to face difficult situations I should have faced the first time instead of running away and hoping everything would magically sort itself out in my absence. Apparently changing my life requires my full participation, imagine that!

  4. I so love these images - they speak to me, or rather sing.

  5. so sorry i missed this. don't know why. lovely photo captures and information.

    i've missed you.