Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There is something magical about walking through the snow, carrying a full compost pail to the bins on the property. It is late winter. Snow and below freezing temperatures still hug the rural areas of these regions of North America. This morning's fresh snowfall reveals the day's visitors' tracks: bunnies, birds and countryside mice and shrews. The tops of the bare trees were illuminated by the sun which was setting; the sun was already sinking into the horizon. I savored the warmth of the glow, even though I could feel the windchill coming from the snow.

I didn't have a nervous break down. That would require an extended hospital stay. It would have required pharmaceuticals and meetings with a therapist. A nervous breakdown would have made my life more complicated and more stressful.

Instead, one morning, I walked out of my primary living situation. I left the suburban condo and found a hermitage in the country. And now I rebuild.

Chop wood. Carry water. Dump compost.

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