Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Santa Fe Osho Satsang.

I did it! I officially started an Osho Group in Santa Fe. When I think of all the different things that I can do to share tools for the expansion of consciousness and liberation from the limited thinking, I feel that my best offering is to share Osho Active Meditations. This is one of my passions.

Starting in November, I will be hosting Osho Satsang at the house where I live with Michael. The space is beautiful. It is my intention to bring people together who are moving into the shifting frequencies that Osho and other visionaries mention. I expect that both Sannyasin and people new to Osho will attend. Osho had a vision of people creating many buddhafields around the planet. It is my intention to be of service to that vision.

I'm inspired by friends who currently hold tantra groups that include Osho meditation. It is their inspiration that is catalyst for my decision to create an Osho Satsang in Santa Fe, NM.


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  1. How fantastic!!!
    O great! enormous small medium and large miracles and blessings abound!
    How great to connect anad be connected to our authentic selves and each other !!