Sunday, October 18, 2009

Santa Fe

This blog post is a response to ravenisclumsy. I do not know if he is aware that I'm following his blog as a female stalker. I'm harmless.

The natural lighting in Santa Fe is seductive. It continues to draw me back to the city, even though each time I depart, I think I set an intention to not return. Wherever I travel, I try to find the unique way the light refracts its own unique quality to the area. But somehow, Santa Fe's lighting seems to have entrained me.

Even though I think that I am more surrounded by community in Palm Springs or in Stevens Point, I continue to travel to New Mexico to be with Naked Michael. I made a decision to return to be his regular primary partner. That decision involves other levels of involvement in the area. Michael is vigorously working at creating a tantric community. I hope to enhance that by starting an Osho group.

I expect to start an Osho meditation and book group at Michael's house. We can use the basement area to perform active meditations, such as Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, The Nadabrahma Meditations, No Dimensions (my personal favorite), and the Chakra Breathing. We can have book group discussions based on Osho discourse, or do a group study on The Book of Secrets. Since there are big screen televisions at the house, we can watch Osho DVDs and have discussion on topics related to the presentation.

Osho's vision is to create not only a buddafield, but to create meditations based on the new frequencies of inner science for an outer world. This group will be a way to connect with other Osho followers. We can continue the whirling of transformation. In this group, we can explore the science of breathwork in relation to our active meditations and our daily work lives.

""The real person needs no proof for God.
He comes to know God from the experience of inner power,
from his inner glow." ~Osho~

It is my intention to create a tantric group through the spirit of our beloved Osho. I know that the unique quality of light is responsible for seducing me to return to Santa Fe. But it is not just the daytime lighting that calls me. It is the night time light of the stars that entrain me to sleep with them. I return with a purpose, and to be nurtured by my Beloved Michael, the thin air, and the light of many stars

When stars wheel
Around the North Pole,
They are longing for our growing consciousness.

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