Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snowing In October

Last week, I was picking apples in the sunshine. My body felt energized and filled with anticipation of the changing weather. Today, Wednesday, I'm feeling quite the opposite, especially since I already have witnessed two days of snowfall this week.

Since I plan to stay indoors most of the day, I will work on making kimchi for the Central Rivers Farmshed Potluck social. I'm also going to make the hot dish that my friend Michael loves, a Daisy Meal. It is a one-dish meal made with steamed brown rice, locally grown beef with simmered onions, and finely chopped fresh broccoli & shredded carrots. The broccoli & carrots are added at the end of cooking so that the residual heat from the beef gently wilts the fresh, raw veggies.

As long as I'll be indoors, I'll juice some apples. It looks like having a snow day is not so bad.

Hey! What's this? I just looked up and the snow ceased falling. It's not even raining!

Since I was a child, I would hear people say this about Wisconsin weather: If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes; it will change.

The weather has changed but my plans remain the same, except for the walk I will take this afternoon.

OM Shanti

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