Monday, May 23, 2011

Church Street Ashram

I've returned to the Church Street Ashram, a quiet little living space near downtown Stevens Point. It offers me a chance to live simply and quietly.

Although I've been here during the winter months to experience the rich solitude and winter darkness of the Solstice, I appreciate the transformation of late spring into summer.

The kitchen is tiny and inspires simple meals. Mostly, I eat from the local farm market, items I've foraged near the river or precious greens from the gardens of friends. Suddenly, garlic mustard is coming into everyone's garden. I eat well and believe I will be preparing a jar of garlic mustard kimchi before the end of this week.

One of my favorite features at the ashram is my bedroom. My head faces to the east. On the other side of the wall and out the open window, is a wildly growing bed of big black cap blackberries. In this urban landscape, what are the chances that I can sleep indoors, yet mingle and sleep with the wild blackberries as their foliage expands and pushes into my sleeping space?

This is an urban ashram, with no physical guru or guide. There are no rules. The residents follow a chanting practice, live at their own pace and keep their guru close to their hearts. Satsang is usually spontaneous depending on the daily schedule.

I've been following several other bloggers who inspired me to write here today.


  1. This all sounds delicious, especially the peacefulness of the ashram.

  2. Thank you for looking at my blog. This is short, as I am eager to read Snippets of Spring. :)