Friday, March 23, 2012

Facial Eczema

Beginning 23 July, 2010, I suffered from severe facial eczema. I tried everything to resolve the issue, including regulating my diet, using Vedic Astrology, staying out of the sun, leaving my partner, modifying my vacation, going to allergists, dermatologists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, Tarot card reader and remote healing. I did other things, like chanting, cleansing breaths, no breaths and Reike. In a way, I found my best advice buried in Vedic astrology, the Rig Veda and time.

The biggest thing I learned is that with all of the herbs, all of the rest and all of the expert interaction and help that came my way, it was finding my own way that gave me the most relief.

I write this with inspiration from Secret Notebooks...Wild Pages,


  1. Great honest share. I am happy you found your way. This is not easy for some of us. Take care of you, always.

    It was good to hear from you. ;-)

  2. Thank you for sharing this Kameshwari, it makes me feel much less alone and hopeless and seeing your smiling face brightened my mood as I sit here on the couch with a cold compress against my face and yet another pint of water on the side table. I told J on our hike today that I don't really want to go to any one person to "fix" this rosacea, I want instead to gather what I need from many sources and heal myself. But it's hard to be patient with the process when it stings and itches and makes me feel horrible about myself. But the answer is out there, I'm sure, as it obviously was for you!

  3. Hello again......It was so very nice to hear from you had no idea you had been through such an ordeal...I am so very pleased you were able to search your inner wisdom and heal yourself.

    blessings to you sweet lady,