Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I rarely make posts here, but I decided to add another to Mystical Gypsy, so that I can change the photo of myself from the dashboard, without removing the eczema blog.

The photo attached to this blog is a piece of polished Moocaite, a rock that is mined in Western Australia. About six weeks ago, I first noticed this rock at an outdoor vendor's table. It is the same table where I purchased a piece of Sugilite in June of 2008.

When I first saw the piece of Moocaite, I was drawn to it, but reluctant to make the purchase. During the following week, I thought of the rock. I even woke up one morning, believing I was dreaming of the rock from Australia. Because of my schedule, I had to wait several weeks before I could buy this piece displayed in the photo. I love it! The rock hound who sold this to me quickly made a cage for my new piece of rock. I wear it as a slide.

I expect, in the future, I will return to discussions of my eczema. The condition is not resolved, but I am in a place where I can go shopping or out to dinner with friends. Everyday is a tightrope walk to managing this condition.


  1. you are a brave heart. i wish you so much wellness.

  2. So hope everything is starting to work out for you and that the eczema is on the run at last. You are my thoughts.