Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Atole for two.

Have you ever had a cup of steaming atole' on a cold morning?  This morning, while most of North America was steeped in what is being called the "Polar Vortex," I made a pot of rich atole' for breakfast.  There are as many varieties of atole' as there are families, grandmothers and chefs.  In this case, I used a pre-packaged atole' mix from La Mesa Farms in New Mexico.  This prepackaged mix is filled with dried fresh-ground farm-grown organic blue corn, organic cocoa and farm grown and gound chilies.  In today's atole', I used the Almond Breeze milk.  The cooked and steaming atole' was topped with about two tablespoons of organic whipping cream, but not whipped to stiff peaks.

Atole' is associated with comfort food.  The hot steamy beverage is usually a Christmas tradition, along with tamales.  When I think of atole', I imagine drinking it while a heavy, mountain snow covers the roads to keep people homebound and nesting.  The thick cornmeal and chocolate drink is comforting and gives one the sense of being nurtured.  

Making and drinking this rich cultural drink when most of the U.S. is experiencing the "Polar Vortex," seems appropriate.  But today was not a day for nesting.  On this day, along with a friend, we completed our final packing for our three month trip to San Miguel de Allende.  We fly out of Palm Springs on Thursday.  Maybe, by Wednesday of next week, I'll have a better understanding of Atole.
La Mesa Organic Farms Organic Blue Corn Elixir


  1. This is something I shall do - sounds like just the right thing for a cold northern morning. Thanks!

  2. Ah, I have been wondering what this mysterious drink is and haven't been able to find it locally. I will have to whip some up myself. I need all the nurturing I can get right now.
    What an exciting three months you'll have! I hope you're able to share the experience with us along the way.

    1. Uma; there is a farmer at the Saturday Farmers Market in Santa Fe, NM that sells a packaged mix of atole'. The very package, pictured in the above photo, is from La Mesa Organics. La Mesa sells at the market on Saturdays. You can buy steaming cups of his beautiful every Saturday that he is there. Look for his big kettle of the atole and look for his on-site grinder. He grows and grinds his own corn for the atole. It is fun to make at home or over a campfire.