Saturday, January 4, 2014


In 2013, I became sixty-years old. During the month of October, I believe I had the equivalent of a mid-life crisis.  As a sixty-year-old woman, I have a new awareness that I need to explore the age old question of WHO AM I?

I enrolled in a year long workshop that is taking me on a bit of a pilgrimage to find and ultimately walk into my crone-self.

My first project for my pilgrimage was to work on desconsos.  The January 1st post of Mystical Gypsy is about desconsos.

My second little project for this VisionQuest or Pilgrimage are these small Vision Cards.
My first vision board was about gardening.

Open doorways and window with views keep me wondering and wandering.
What is beyond the beyond?

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  1. I loved the thoughtful comment you left me on January 1st. And I look forward to seeing what you uncover on your pilgrimage.

    I am in the midst of choosing "one word" for 2014, and even signed up for an online workshop to explore it.

    I do so enjoy doing inner work as I attend to all the everyday chores of life.

    2014 still holds such promise.