Wednesday, January 29, 2014

San Miguel de Allende Streets

I am finding that I spend more time enjoying the quiet streets of San Miguel de Allende, than joining in on the guided tours and meeting other U.S. guests to this area.  My Spanish is limited, so I am not integrating very well in the culture.  This is one of my favorite walks, from the artist studio where I am a guest, to the Jardin or the downtown city center plaza.    
Brick wall and archway, topped with broken shards of glass.

Detail of broken glass embedded into mortar.

Wall sconce and vegetation.

Cobblestone street, filled with a variety of interesting brick and mortar walls.

An all so intriguing doorway to a residence.

Perhaps you'll want to visit this street in San Miguel.  It seems that everyone eventually comes to this city.
Growing along the top of an ancient wall and in the soil that has gathered in mortar and brick, grow cactus and ferns, together.

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