Friday, January 17, 2014


Pre-dawn hours, reading in the kitchen.

A week ago today, I attended a visual art journaling workshop with a Jungian perspective.  It was a part of my Crone Pilgrimage, to use artwork, symbolism and archetype to gain more insight into this period of my life.

The workshop had us creating collage, much like soul collage.  Using images, symbols, shapes, colors and three-dimensional items, we created a version of our Hestia.  

Hestia, as we know, is goddess of the hearth, home and sacred fire.  

It is important that Hestia nourishes herself first.  Without that inner nurturing and fulfillment, Hestia becomes depleted and cannot keep the sacred fires burning for family and community.

During my Crone Pilgrimage, I am clear that I will nurture and rejuvenate my spirit for the Crone Years that I am now beginning to live.  This is a time of nurturing self through contemplation, guided workshop artwork and reading.

Do you have Hestia in your life?  What do you do to stabilize your internal economy so that you can live in the archetype of Hestia? 

The above photo taken at the art studio of


  1. Ah Hestia
    I think of her every time I do a household task, finding the sacred in the caring as an act of worship.....ah....the elevation of my spirit
    Glad you posted on this today, I am in the middle of some serious cleaning of my life......not cleansing, but cleaning..and I am reminded here to do it worshipfully

    1. Dear Suz; Thank you for visiting this blog this evening and thank you for the reminder to honor Hestia in each household task.
      Worshipfully cleaning might be a good phrase for me to remember. Not a cleansing, but a cleaning. I'm grateful for your visit here.

  2. One of my favorites...

  3. Karen; thanks for the link. Mystic Garden looks very attractive to me. I appreciate the suggestion.