Monday, January 27, 2014

Pilgrimage Recalibration

A small collage I created to help me get back on track and release my distractions.

On Saturday, I noticed that I was gaining an increased anxiety.  My Crone Pilgrimage quest was losing focus and becoming diluted with all of the things that one could or should be doing while in San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico.  

Did you ever notice that while trying to explore or establish a new path, that it is easy to be distracted?  How could one come to Mexico in the winter without seeing the monarch butterfly migration resting place?  How could one come to Mexico without following the various portals to the world of Frieda Kahlo or an immersion into Our Lady of Guadalupe?  
How could one come to Mexico without following the path of the beat poets?

I am currently looking for the pulse in my body and in my soul that sends a signal that I am not on my path.  When I am feeling some anxiety, I know that I have gone off my course and may even be repeating old patterns that are not part of my current intended growth.  Certainly, one must go off course for explorations into new landscapes and new territories, that will enhance the intended path.  In those moments, one can feel the exhilaration of stepping into something new.  

Do you have a body compass that gives you a signal that you have gone off of your intended course?


  1. I don't see a darn thing wrong with following your heart's curiosity
    you have been called...answer
    go have fun..explore...dive in...enjoy
    whatever you do along the path is meant to be if it calls you
    growing older and wiser will happen just this way
    It is wise to follow your intuition even if it leads to!
    WIsdom doesn't come from following "a" path
    It comes from living and learning
    so go live.......and take pictures!

    1. Dear Suz; Thank you for responding to my inquiry. You might now know this, but you have already been a role model for me. Thank you for your inspirational words.

  2. Oh yes, I know what it's like to be "distracted" with family, relationship, health, and the requirements of daily living, (even blogging :) I begin to feel cranky, frustrated and angry. And a deep longing rises in my Heart (spiritual Heart) again - the longing for the Presence of the Divine... The sign that I have strayed, that I have allowed my mind and life's dramas to drive me off course...

    All the deeply "spiritual" figures in history that I am aware of focused deeply on their "spiritual path" - even if they found out in the end that there really is no path - still, they pursued what their Hearts longed for with singleness of purpose, which is why a lot of them went on pilgrimages and sabbaticals.

    This call of the Heart is a very deep calling and cannot be ignored or dismissed, even though all these wonderful little "side trips" you are doing is all still part of that calling, I know how the mind can keep playing tricks on us and keep us distracted...

    I have to keep returning my awareness to that place of Silent Presence within, wait and listen for the Voice within - one can call it intuition, but it feels even deeper than that... To just sit in Silence, remain open, and wait for that deeper pulse of Silence to move me and follow that...

    May you find peace for the pilgrimage of the Heart that calls to you...

    1. Dear Mystic Meandering; I deeply appreciate your answer, your reply to my question. I'm also gently reminded to visit your blog site. Thank you.